Google Maps HK Blogger Meeting

Haven’t written blog for long time. I almost forget I have a blog. Am I still a blogger?

How come I write in English? I just remember I promised an English native friend (actually he can speak Chinese but can’t read) to write in English last year. Time flies, a year gone. Luckily I remembered when shower. Cold water made me clear, ha ha.

Thanks for sidekick notified me the event otherwise I didn’t know. I probably disappear in HK Internet ring. Everything everyone fresh me. I am green again, wa!

The meeting was good. Two young Google engineers showed us Google Maps HK. It is fantastic. They have added many new features. I like HK movie showtimes, HK historical pictures, HK metro map and OpenRice restaurant guide most. All are useful. The most interesting feature is horse racing. You can see motion match records like a TV game!

Compare with last year. The new features make Google Maps HK interesting. I can use Google Maps HK to replace Google Maps. If they add bus, mini bus and shortest walking path information, I think Centamap will be beaten. I like Centamap, the transportation information is excellent but their server always down and slow.

Google staffs are vivid. They are smart and young. I can feel their morale and team spirit. (Even they come from different branches.) What a good team!

The restaurant is good. Food and venue are fine. The decoration and atmosphere were nice. It could show Google likes share with end users, not just a boring press conference or seminar like official launch.

What a shame of my poor English. Please tell me where should correct. I hope you don’t mind. I will keep show off my Chin-glish, ha ha.

Google Maps HK blogger gathering



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